• People with Extreme Mental Disorders should seek Therapy from a qualified Therapist

     or if this is an Emergency — Call 911

• This game is not intended to replace a qualified Therapist or Counselor, Therapy or Counseling, but rather is intended to Inspire and Help users in Giving & Receiving Empathy.

— using our Natural, received form birth, Heart/Love energy as Human-Beings.

EVERYONE is qualified to play this game.

• This game is NOT intended for giving any Advise.


• No personal data will EVER be shared or sold.

• All user entered info will be saved ONLY on user device, as downloads.

• If you “Sign-up”, all fields are Optional (only Email Address is needed if you want to
receive Email). Any info is Welcomed. Registered info will be used to improve
The Game.

• All user typed writings/notes are saved on USER’s device ONLY.

• Only Game metrics (times, game pieces played, counts, etc) are saved on Game server,
to be used to improve the Game.

• DEEP CONFIDENTIALITY will be followed by the Player & any Helper: No Personal Information, especially Emotional Content, will be shared or discussed with anyone else, not even between each other, once the Game is over…

— unless the Player or Helper wants to discuss or share their own info.