CATEGORY: Enlivened

Alive Filled with Life and Energy

Surprised Having strong Positive Emotion due to an unexpected event


Loving Giving Love, expressing Heart Connection to others or Self

Loved Receiving Love, with Heart Connection from others or Self

Uplifted Elevated in Emotional or Physical Energy, Heart or Spirit

Responsible Taking Ownership/Responsibility for something, out of Love: not Guilt, Shame, Blame or Obligation

Nurturing Giving Emotional or Physical Nurture/Support to Self or others

Nurtured Receiving Emotional or Physical Nurture/Support from others or Self

Compassionate Giving Open Hearted Consideration to Self or others

Connected Relating to others or Self with speacial Emotional ties

Tender Positive Loving Sensitivity and Openness to Someone or something

Thankful Aware and Appreciative of a benefit

Heard Having Received Attention and Awareness from others or Self

Acknowledged Having Received Acceptance and Recognition in some way, from others or Self


Ecstatic In a state of Ecstasy or extreme Delight

Amazed Filled with Emotional impact of overwhelming Surprise or Shock

Thrilled Filled with Extreme Excitment or Pleasure

Excited Filled with Positive Emotional Excitment or Pleasure

Inspired Arroused and Elevated Emotions and Spirit in a Positive way

Joyful Elevated in Emotion or Spirit in a Pleasurable way

Delighted Extremely Pleased about something

Grateful Filled with Gratitude and Appreciation for Benefits received

Present Giving full Attention and Connection to Someone/something; Focused on Now, not the Past or Future

Relieved Relief from Pain, Anxiety, or any Negative Feeling

Optimistic Strongly Expecting a Positive Future Outcome

Hopeful Believing in a Positive Future Outcome

Happy Satisfied, Content, or Pleased

Confident Trusting in the Expected Positive Performance of Someone/something

Certain Sure or Convinced of something

Glad Appreciative or Pleased of something

Satisfied Content or Accepting of what is


Playful Light hearted and full of Fun


SexuallyHorny Physical or Emotional Sexual Arousal and Desire

Hunger Intense Positive Desire or Want for something or Someone

Desire Strong Wanting of Someone/something

Intentional Willful Focused Attention on a particular Purpose or Goal

Interestred Focused Curiosity and Concern about something

Intriqued Aroused Interest or Curiosity

Curious Eager to Learn, Discover and Know more

Dreamy Desire & Wanting by Visualizing & Imagining what we want

CATEGORY: Peaceful

Peaceful Emotionally Still, Quiet, Undisturbed and at Peace with Self/others or current situation

Expansive All-embracing with Open Heart and Mind

Calm Not Excited or Agitated; Still and Undisturbed

Grounded Centered and having a strong Mind-to-Body Connection

Balanced Having most Mind-Parts/Emotions not too High or Low

Secure Emotionally Centered and Confident

Content Free from Desire and Wanting

Harmony Agreement and At-One-With Someone or something

Carefree Light Hearted and Free of Trouble, Worry and Care

Spacious Unrestricted and Unbounded, with Far reaching Awareness

Open Willing to Consider or Deal with something

Comfortable Free from Stress or Anxiety, at Ease

Tranquil At Ease


Terrified Intense Fear, Panic or Desperation

Shocked Struck with Fear, Dread or Alarm

Scared Alarmed or Frightened of something or Someone

Afraid Filled with Fear, Worry or Anxiety

Vulnerable Open to Attack, Judgement or Criticism from others or Self

Helpless Unable to Help oneself or others

Unstable Unpredictable and Uncontrolable Emotional Changes, due to Chemical or Emotional Imbalance

Anxious Uneasy, Tense and Preoccupied about something

Worried Troubled and Fearful of something in the Future

Jealous Suspicious or Fearful of Losing someone/something to another

Suspicious Distrustful and Doubtful of Someone/something

Powerless Lacking Strength or Power to Help oneself, another or situation

Nervous Tense, Agitated or Uneasy and Jittery about something

Stressed Suffering severe Emotional or Physical Strain or Distress

Hurried Rushed or Pressured to do something Quicker than we would like to

Reluctant Very Hesitant or Resistant abount doing something

Guilty Shame & Fear of Punishment from not being Forgiven by others or Self

Distrustful Feeling or Showing Doubt; Not Trusting Someone or something

Uncomfortable Uneasy, Bothered or Not Comfortable

Fragile Vulnerably Delicate; Lacking physical or emotional strength and Easily Injured

Concerned Fearful that something Bad might happen

Numb Emotionally Unresponsive, Indifferent, Void of feeling because of Desensitizing Fear


Furious Extremely Angry or Enraged; Out of Control with Anger

Angry Very Mad or Upset with Anger or Rage

Disgusted Filled with Disgust or Irritation

Frustrated Dissatisfied or Unfulfilled; Disappointingly Unsuccessful

Jealous Anger at being Threatened by another person with Losing Someone/something to another

Upset Emotionally Anxious Uneasiness or Trouble or Grief

Irritated Aroused to Impatience or Anger

Hateful Intense Dislike and Unforgiveness

Annoyed Aroused to Impatience or Aggravation

Grumpy Cranky, Ill-tempered, Grouchy


Despondent Lacking Hope or Courage, nearly Suicidal

Depressed Low in spirits; Dejected, many times without knowing why

Hopeless Like there is no possibility of Comfort or Success

Ashamed Guilt, Sadness, Fear of Shame & Humiliation because you believe you have done something wrong

Hurt Emotional Distress or Pain

Embarrassed Feeling Uneasy and Self-conscious; Uncomfortable because of Shame or wounded Pride

Sorry Active Regret, Sorrow or a sense of Loss over something Done or Not Done

Mournful Deep Sorrow or Grief over Someone/something Lost

Heavy Emotionally weighed Down, Seriousness

Guilty Sadness, Regrete over something we feel Responsible for, something Done or Not Done

Unhappy Not Happy or Joyful; Sad or Sorrowful

Tender Easily Hurt; Vulnerable or Sensitive to Pain, Sore

Withdrawn Emotionally Unresponsive and Detached; Disconnected and Uncommunicative

Thwarted Disappointingly Unsuccessful as if Intentionally Defeated

Discouraged Less Hopeful or Enthusiastic

Doughtful Considerable lack of Belief in the possibility of something

Lonely Unhappy as a result of being without the Companionship of a certain person or others in general

Longing A strong persistent Yearning or Desire causing Sadness

Pessimistic Expecting the Worst possible outcome in the Future

Sad Feeling basic Sorrow or Unhappiness

Disappointed Saddened by the failure of an Expectation or Hope

CATEGORY: Confused

Torn Disturbed and Stressed by the pull of Conflicting Wants and Desires

Lost Emotionally Unable to know where One is At or Needs to Be; Not Grounded or Centered

Bewildered Emotionally Perplexed and Stressed by many Uncertain Feelings, over an full period of time

Confused Very Unclear of Emotional Meaning

Puzzled Lacking Clarity of Misleading Emotional Meanings; things seem like they should be different

Skeptical Disbelief and Doubt

Hesitant Slightly Fearful and Uncertain


Lonely Life-Disabling Strong Wanting or Desire for the Companionship of a certain person or others in general

Envious Grudging Admiration and Desire to have something that is possessed by another

Longing Life-Disabling Strong persistent Yearning or Desire, especially one that cannot be Fulfilled

Hunger Life-Disabling Strong persistent Wanting for something that is Lacking


Overwhelmed Deeply affected, Overpowered Emotionally and unable to Deal with it

Exhausted Extremely tired; Depleted of Energy and Strength

Weary Mentally or Emotionally Fatigued, Worn out, especially after a long, hard Struggle

Frustrated Dissatisfaction or lack of Fulfilment, often causing Tiredness; Disappointingly Unsuccessful

Tired Depleated, run out of Strength, Energy or Motivation

Restless Unable to stay Still or Quiet; Anxious and Uneasy

Impatient Unable to wait Patiently or Tolerate Delay

Bored Uninterested because of lack of Stimulation or from frequent Exposure or Indulgence

Numb Emotionally Unresponsive, Indifferent, Deprived of feeling because of Prolonged Fatigue


ToLoveSelf BigHeart To Give/Express genuine Heart Connection to Self

ToLoveOthers BigHeart OTHERS To Give/Express genuine Heart Connection with others

Empathy BigHeart OTHERS Our Loving Presence and Attention Focused on others/Self and what is being Experienced Now

Compassion BigHeart OTHERS Open Hearted Consideration of Self or others

ToBeLoved BigHeart OTHERS To Receive genuine Heart Connection from others or Self

ToNurture BigHeart OTHERS To Give Emotional or Physical Nurture/Support to Self or others

ToBeNurtured BigHeart OTHERS To Receive Emotional or Physical Nurture/Support from Self or others

ToUplift BigHeart OTHERS To Elevate Self/others in Emotional or Physical Energy, Heart or Spirit

ToBeUplifted BigHeart OTHERS To be Elevated by Self/others in Emotional or Physical Energy, Heart or Spirit

Affection LittleHeart OTHERS Giving or Receiving Tenderness To/From others or Self

Friendship LittleHeart OTHERS To Know, Like, and Trust others or Self

Caring BigHeart OTHERS To have Big Heart/Spirit Concern or Interest in others or Self

Gratitude BigHeart Deep Big Heart/Spirit Appreciation for the value and meaning something or Someone has to us

CATEGORY: Autonomy

Autonomy Mind Self-government, Freedom to Act or Function Independently

Empowerment Mind Support Self to Discover and Exercise more personal Power and Realization

ToActFreely Mind To Exercise Free-will without Fear, Harm, or Restrictio

Choice Mind The Power, Right, or Liberty to Choose or Select

ToChooseFreely Mind The Power, Right, or Liberty to Choose without Fear, Harm, or Restriction

Freedom Mind The Power, Right, or Liberty to Openness, Ease, and Directness

OwnWay Mind To Do things in One’s Own Style, Express personal Choice

OwnPace Mind To Do things at One’s Own Speed and Rhythm

Independence Mind Self-sufficiency; Freedom from Dependence, Exemption from Reliance on, or Control by others

Privacy Mind Confidentiality; Keeping to One’s Self and Not being seen or known by others

Space Mind Emotional and Physical area One needs to Operate or Exist in Freely

Spontaneity Mind Behavior coming from Natural Feelings without Constraint or Planning


Stability Mind Emotional and Physical Consistancy of Balanced Behavior and Mood

PhysicalSafety Body To be Free of Physical Harm or Danger

Security Mind Freedom from Fear of Risk or Danger

EmotionalSafety Mind To be Free of Emotional Harm or Danger from others or Self

Protection Mind Keeping Safe from Harm or Danger

Shelter Mind Place of Refuge, Protection from Harm or Danger

CATEGORY: Connection

Communication LittleHeart OTHERS Exchange of Thoughts or Feelings with others or Self

NonJudgmentalCommunication Mind OTHERS Exchange of NonJudgmental Thoughts or Feelings with others or Self, more Heart Felt Interaction

Acceptance Mind OTHERS Allowance and Tollerance to Be, to Exist and to Thrive

RespectOfSelf Mind Showing Consideration and Appreciation for Self

Connection BigHeart OTHERS A Relationship, Association, or Bond with others or Self

ToBeTrusted_Connection LittleHeart OTHERS To be Trusted in A Relationship, Association, or Bond with others or Self

TrustConnection LittleHeart OTHERS To Trust a Relationship, Association, or Bond with others or Self

Reliability Mind OTHERS Ability to Rely, Depend on or Trust something or Someone

Belonging LittleHeart OTHERS To have a Close Connection to others or a Group

ToBeHeard Mind OTHERS Receive Attention and Awareness from others or Self regarding what you are Communicating or Feeling

Intimacy LittleHeart OTHERS Emotional Relationship between two people involving Dialog, Openness, Vulnerability, and Mutuality

Closeness LittleHeart OTHERS Close Emotional Relationship between two people

Interdependence LittleHeart OTHERS Mutual Dependence or Relying on another or others in general

Contribution Mind OTHERS To Give Support or Service to others

Companionship LittleHeart OTHERS Time spent in Close association with Someone

Consistency Mind OTHERS Freedom from Contradiction; Regularly Occurring, and Dependable in Nature

RespectFromOthers Mind OTHERS Receiving Consideration and Appreciation from others

Appreciation LittleHeart OTHERS Recognition of One’s Quality, Value, Significance, or Magnitude by others or Self

Mutuality LittleHeart OTHERS Deeply Sharing a Mutual Experience

Reassurance Mind OTHERS Being Reassured, of having Confidence restored, and of having Apprehensions dispelled

SharedReality LittleHeart OTHERS Experiencing the same thing as another person, at the same Time

Recognition LittleHeart OTHERS Positive Acknowledgment of your Actions or Accomplisshments


EmotionalWellbeing Mind Contented state of being Happy and Mentally Healthy

Peace BigHeart Inner Contentment, Serenity, and Harmonious Relations with One’s Surroundings

Harmony BigHeart A Pleasing Relationship filled with Mutual Acceptance and Embrace of others or within Self

SpiritualPeace BigHeart Inner Contentment, Serenity, and Harmonious Relations with Self and Creator/Source/God

SpiritualMeaning BigHeart Inner Value and Purpose Relating to Creator/Source/God

Relaxation Mind Refreshment of Body and/or Mind; an absence of Stress or Worry; a form of Rest

SpiritualCommunion BigHeart Joining or Connecting, or At-One-With with Creator/Source/God

Balance Mind When Individual Emotions are neither too Hi or too Low

Comfort LittleHeart Being Relaxed and feeling no Pain or other Negative Feelings

Ease Mind Freedom from Difficulty or Hardship or Effort

Spaciousness Mind Emotional Openness; Extensive surrounding Space with Freedom to Give and Receive Emotional Energy

Aesthetics Mind Pleasing Harmonious Artistic Perception, Appearance, or Expression

Beauty LittleHeart Perceived Harmony of Form or Thought, excellence of Artistry–that Pleases the Mind or Senses

CATEGORY: Authenticity

Presence BigHeart Giving full Attention and Connection to Someone/something; Focus on Now, not the Past or Future

Authenticity Mind Being Genuine, Sincere and Honest in Behavior, Communication and Relationship

SelfExpression Mind Being able to Express Personal Feelings, Beliefs, Ideas and Preferences

ToKnowSelf Mind To be Aware and Conscious of who you are without Deception and Denial

SelfWorth Mind Self Value, Esteem, Excellence and Respect

Integrity BigHeart Aligning our Actions with our Words; Honoring our Commitments; Walking our Talk

Genuiness LittleHeart To be Real, Natural, Authentic; to Be Yourself

Honesty Mind Truthfulness, Sincerity, Trustworthiness; Freedom from Deceit or Deception

ToBeHeardForWhoYouAre Mind OTHERS Receive Attention and Awareness from others or Self regarding what you are Authentically Communicating or Feeling

Openness BigHeart OTHERS Willingness or Readiness to Accept, Receive, or Embrace, especially Impressions or Ideas

ToBeSeenForWhoYouAre BigHeart OTHERS To be Witnessed and Understood for Expressing your Authentic Self

ToKnowOthers LittleHeart OTHERS To be Aware and Conscious of others Real Selves, without Deception and Denial

TrustAuthenticityOfOthers Mind OTHERS To Believe in the Honesty and Reliability of others Real Selves

ToBeKnownForWhoYouAre Mind OTHERS To be Aware and Understood for our Real Self, by others

ToHaveYourAuthenticityTrusted Mind OTHERS To have others Believe and Rely on your Real Self

ToHaveYourIntensionsSeen Mind OTHERS To have your Intentions and Desires be Witnessed and Understood by others

Transparency Mind OTHERS To have our Feelings or Thoughts be Easily Seen or Understood

Creativity Mind To Express our Imagination, Talent, Inspiration through what we Create

CATEGORY: Community

ToMatter LittleHeart OTHERS To be Valued and be of Significance to others or Self

Community LittleHeart OTHERS To be Part of a group of people having Common Interests, Sharing, Participation, and Fellowship

ToBelong Mind OTHERS Close Connection to a person or group of people having Common Interests, Sharing, Participation, and Fellowship

Inclusion LittleHeart OTHERS Connection to a group of people or a person around a Common Interest; Sharing in Participation and Fellowship

FairnessToOthers LittleHeart OTHERS To Act and Decide from the Heart with Impartiality, Justice and Equality; free from Discrimination or Dishonesty

FairnessFromOthers LittleHeart OTHERS To Receive Actions and Decissions from the Hearts of others: with Impartiality, Justice and Equality; free from Discrimination or Dishonesty

Equality Mind OTHERS Same Treatment and Consideration for others and Self

Support Mind OTHERS To Receive Help, Protection, Comfort, Friendship or Assistance

Cooperation Mind OTHERS Assistance or Willingness to Assist, Joint operation or action with others

Participation Mind OTHERS Sharing in the Activities of a Group

ToHelp BigHeart OTHERS To Give or Contribute to the Fulfillment others wishes;To Improve, Change for the better

Justice LittleHeart OTHERS Just or Fair Treatment for others or Self

AllLifeToMatter Mind OTHERS Desire for All Life to Thrive


Joy BigHeart Big Hearted Delight, Pleasure, Satisfaction or Enjoyment

Play BigHeart Activity done for Enjoyment, Lightness or Recreation

Fun BigHeart Big Heart Amusement, Enjoyment or Pleasure

MindFlow Mind Engaging the Mind in Activity; Creating a Zone of Focus, Sychronicity and Fulfillment

Excitement Mind Being Emotionally Aroused and having Lively Stimulation

Humor Mind Being Funny; to Perceive, Enjoy, or Express what is Amusing or Comical with the power to create Laughter

Laughter Mind Expressing Enjoyment of Humor with Facial, Vocal, Body Movement, especially of the Mouth with Sounds of Joy

Lightness Mind Freedom from Heaviness, Worry or Trouble


Purpose BigHeart Reason, Focus and Direction toward which One Strives and for which One Exists

Commitment LittleHeart Sincere and Steadfast Binding and Promising Yourself to a Course of Action

Meaning BigHeart Deep Inner Significance underlying or intended by Speech, Action or Intention

Clarity Mind Clear Understanding and Awareness of something

Understanding Mind Comprehension of the Existance, Nature or Function of something

Transformation Mind Significant Change, Shift, or Conversion in our Emotional Nature, Behavior or View

Growth Mind Increase, Extension, Expansion or Evolution in our Development, Maturity, Understanding or Awareness

Hope BigHeart Big Hearted Belief that Ultimately We will Thrive

CelebrationOfLife BigHeart Full Expression of Big Hearted Joyful Emotions from Being Alive

Structure Mind Ordered, Logical, Habitual, Routine Behavior, Intention or Focus designed to Enhance Performance and Presence

Accountability Mind Willful Commitment to Answer to the Authority and Witness of others

Order Mind Organization of things to create Logical or Emotional Harmony or Understanding

Predictability Mind Emotional or Logical Consistency of things or people, to Behave as Expected, in the Future

DependabilityOfOthers Mind OTHERS Ability to Rely or Depend on the Emotional or Physical Behavior of others

Closure Mind Completeness of Mind and Heart regaring a certain Event, Situation or Issue; especially after Loss.

Mourning Mind Deep and Intense Expression of Grief, usually over an full period of Time due to a Loss

Learning Mind The Process or Experience of gaining Understanding or Skill

Inspiration Mind Stimulation or Arousal of the Mind or Emotions to have Special or Unusual Activity or Creativity

Effectiveness Mind Exercising strong Capacity or Potential for achieving Results in our World

Competence Mind Effective Performance/Skill in the Process to Achieve some some Goal

Efficiency Mind Using Time and Resources Well in Performing a certain Task

Stimulation Mind Increasing Sensory Input, causing Excitement or Pleasure

Challenge Mind Embracing a Difficult Task and getting some Enjoyment Confronting the Difficulty

Discovery Mind To Uncover, Find, Learn, and become Aware of something for the First Time

Acknowledgment Mind Recognition regarding the Existence, Authority, Truth, Validity or Genuineness of a person, action or intention

CATEGORY: Physical

Sleep Body Time for Daily Resting, by reducing Consciousness and Brain/Body Activity

Health Body Physical Well-being or Balance

Sustenance Body Physical Support or Nourishment

PhysicalWellbeing Body Body Health, Balance and Thriving

Exercise Body Physical Activity Intended to Improve Strength, Endurance and Fitness

BodyFlow Body Body Movement and Performance that Connects and Synchronizes the Senses

Rest Body Body Relief from Exertion, with Quiet and Relaxation

Touch Body Physical, Skin-to-Skin Contact with another or Self


SexualExpressionWithSelf Body Freedom and Confidence to Express our Sexual Feelings/Desires to ourselves when Alone

SexualExpressionWithOthers Body OTHERS Freedom and Confidence to Express our Sexual Feelings/Desires with others

SexWithOthers Body OTHERS To have Sexual Contact with others, using our Senses: Vision, Touch, Speech, Hearing, Taste, Smell

SexWithSelf Body To have Sexual Contact with Self using our Senses: Masturbation, Caressing, Touch, Speech